Uhm.. hey i was formerly known as ninjaguy... but aparently lost my password to both the email it used and the log in..... so here i am new name!!


February 13th, 2010 + 9:02 PM  ·  DowntownSasquatch

some of my greatest lessons learned where from here
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Any Pilots?

August 18th, 2009 + 8:08 PM  ·  DowntownSasquatch

Hey guys,
       I just wondered if there are any pilots that might just so happen to frequent the amp?
 As an aspiring pilot myself i would love to talk to you. Any advice or  tips on how to achieve my dream are welcome! or if you have any websites or places i could get more info from that would be great!
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Not Spam..... more of a question

July 4th, 2009 + 7:07 PM  ·  DowntownSasquatch
hey.... thats my bands myspace...
our drummer quit so we got 2 acoustic giutars
but listen we want our page to look pretty legit...
i have an HTML editor... but what can i do as far as backgrounds and stuff
is that CSS code?
and any helpful links to learn that?
I know HTML enough to do some stuff.... its in the making though...


June 24th, 2009 + 11:06 AM  ·  DowntownSasquatch

ok Friday I leave for the beach with my buddie and his parents
(who by the way are the SICKEST people i know)
EPIC! and we are taking our guitars..
prolly gonna hit the boardwalk around late afternoon
and play!!!
so i was wondering... Busking is an art...
just like any other art there is a sense of "perfection"
what describes the "perfect" busk...
and how do you obtain such heavenly skills?
obviously we dont care about money...
but I'm putting some like 20$ whorth of ones
in my case just to look like we are making some cash! lol
ok so my questions boil down to

a) What Makes the "perfect" busk?
b) What songs would you play?

some of the songs in our vast repertoire (not) include

jimmy buffet - margarittaville
    "  - Cheeseburger in Paradise
Say Anything - Alive with the Glory of Love
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
The Eagles - Hotel California (can you busk and not play this song????)
Johhny Cash - Hurt (slightly funky version by DowntownSasquatch)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Slow Cheetah
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
*the band name escapes me* - Wonderwall

these are just some... we tried to pick some asthetically pleasing songs
we dont know what kindof audience we will have so....
i guess our basis of thought is to hit EVERYWHERE at once!! lol

we might do a version of Coyote Shivers "SugarHigh" from the movie Empire Records

but please let me know what you guys think!!

Cpt. Spam-alot

June 24th, 2009 + 10:06 AM  ·  DowntownSasquatch

Nothing like redeeming myself an my triumphant return to the amp
with the reporting of some vicous spam!!!
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